Monday, September 14, 2009

Bathtub Shitter - Dancehall Grind

So yea, Bathtub Shitter is pretty rad band. It's hard to find their music online, even through soulseek and shit like that. My homeboy Blud found it though, so get on this shit while you can because I'll probs end up having to take it down. Anyways, Bathtub Shitter is insane death/grind from Osaka, Japan. They have some really high pitched vocals at times, countered by the death growl/gurgle. At first I thougt they were lame, but damn, after a couple listens they are one of the coolest death/grind bands I've heard in a minute. Check it out:


PS- One of the songs is corrupted so just ignore that. You might have to extract the files without the track "Everybody has the wet"

Friday, September 4, 2009

A gift, from me to you. DRUM TRACK

Uh maybe you want to make some home made one man grind. Maybe you want to make some industrial. Maybe you just want to make some hip hop beats. Well if you do, this program is for you. It's called Drumtrack and it's an opensource drum program. (That means it's free! And legal!) Check it out. It's real easy to use. Search it up on google if you want to check out the specs and stuff.

Rhino Charge - S/t 7"

Rhino Charge is a noise/math/power violence/grind/hardcore band. They are sick. This was put out by To Live A Lie Records so you know what to expect. It's good shit man. I think they put out another record recently, but I'm not sure. Maybe they broke up.


Masterpeace - Chase the ideal Myself

Masterpeace is a hardcore punk band from Osaka, Japan. (Don't call Japanese hardcore Japcore, you faggots) Anyways, they are rage as fuck and have some pretty melodic leads. Expect high octane energy and frantic screaming. A++ material


Nausea - Punk Terrorist Anthology Vol. 1

Uh. Nausea was a crust punk band, a really influential one at that. If you don't already know that... I'm a little ashamed to be in your e-presence.