Thursday, December 9, 2010

Demoniacal Genuflection - The Ministers of Lamentation [2010]

Demoniacal Genuflection is brutal grinding, blackened, death metal. Basically they take everything rad about extreme metal and put it all together. This shit is satanic to the core and vicious as fuck. I have a few qualms with inconsistent mixing on a couple songs, but they did self release it for free, so whatever. It sounds rad. Dobber of Insect Warfare does drums (and a bit of synth) in this band!


Staring Problem - You'll Always Be Sick [2008]

Staring Problem are a Hardcore Punk band from Jersey Shore, New Jersey. Don't let that scare you away though they are rad. These are just some old hardcore kids, who aren't kids anymore, playing hardcore punk. One of the guitarists was in Tear it Up, so you know they are legit. This is some pretty cool modern hxc punk taking definite cues from thrash punk and a lot of that late 90's early 00's metalized punk sound and mixing it with some of that neo-power violence worship shit. Circle pit!

1. I See Through
2. Spinning
3. And Now
4. Not Sure
5. Taken And Warped
6. The Face
7. Bifter
8. Bullshit Defect
9. Cold Hands
10. Unreleased Sons
11. The Sleeper