Saturday, July 18, 2009

Infected Womb and Beat Your Kids Split (Your Fucking Innards)

Infected Womb, as some of you may know is my solo-grind project. I program drums using a freeware program called "DrumTrack"... Anyways, you can expect lots of weird moody thrashy blasty grinding hardcore from my side of the split. It's my best released stuff to date! Beat Your Kids(BYK) are metalized noisecore that exist for the sole purpose of getting you pissed, so pissed you resort to beating the shit out of your kids. This is both bands best material to date, in my humble opinion... Get it and spread it, we both need the exposure!


Infected Womb Homepage
BYK Homepage
Both of us can be found on and Myspace as well.

Product of Wast 7" EP

Product of Waste are a sick hardcore punk band from Providence! Reppin that east coast quickness and the east coast sickness, these guys are fast, pissed, and probably drunk as fuck! Despite being pissed as hell these guys play really fun hardcore music. They got songs about drinking, they got songs about skating, they got songs about drinking and skating, and shitting your pants and being paranoid about aids... It's good straight forward hardcore with some metal tinges. More hardcore though. Get into it!


Trencher - Lips

TRENCHER! Fuck yes. What is there to say about these psychos? They play bass heavy grindcore with a casio-tone keyboard instead of a lead guitar! Blast beats, chunky bass, insane yelps, and toy key boards? How could you go wrong with this? Check it out if you like Lightning Bolt, The Locust, or if you are interested in the weirder side of power violence... There are some keyboard parts that are reminiscent of the creepier, more eerie side of Faith No More as well... Dig in.


Versoma - Life During Wartime

So, I bought a shitload of CD's from Robotic Empire a while back (you should check out their webstore, it's amazing, they always have good deals) and this was one of the CD's I got for free. I later looked at their site and realized it was going for something like 1.99$ or something!? I couldn't believe it. This is some pretty good post-hardcore/screamo, that some how be classified as thus with out being totally stale. Members of Orchid, Bucket Full of Teeth, Transistor/Transistor, Hot Cross, and Saetia so you know its good. Check it out.


Cordectomy Demo 09

So here's something new... Cordectomy is Slam-death, Brutal-death, or whatever the fuck you want to call it. Anyways, I'm usually not too into stuff like that, but this stuff is actually pretty awesome. It has some tendencies I don't usually see in stuff like this; like some sludge riffs and insane blast beats. It's a one man thing too btw, basement-core ftw. Check it out!