Thursday, February 25, 2010

Boregore - Goresteps Most Hated (2009)

So, fuck y'all if you're hatin. I tend to not like 'hip' stuff like this, but it's just too fucking good. Borgore is from Israel and he makes really filthy dubstep (GORESTEP) that rocks all seven continents. Shit is insane. Everyone needs this in their collection if they are even remotely interested in electronic music, or if you are an open minded hip hop fan or something. Just scope it out.


Thursday, February 4, 2010

LUDICRA - Another Great Love Song

Alright, sorry it's been a while since I've last posted. But you know, life happens; blah blah blah.

Here today I present to you... LUDICRA. Such a sick fucking band. And chronically overlooked. These guys and girls (yes girls) play some really sick no bullshit Black Metal with Crust tendencies. This is just bleak misanthropic crusty black metal minus the satan, synth, and tree hugging shit. Not that there is anything wrong with those things, but black metal is supposed to be simple and straight forward and we all know it. They play in the style of Bethlehem, Darkthrone, and Gorgoroth... Just unfettered depression and hatred of society. Ludicra are from San Francisco and this record was released on the notorious Alternative Tentacles Records. They've released other records on Life is Abuse records as well, and that is record label responsible for many great bands. (Filth, Dystopia, Blatz, etc.) SO that should get you interested. I think a lot more people should be into this band!

Download it now