Sunday, July 27, 2008


Alright mother fuckers. Xrin Arms is this rad fucking nomadic one man computerized noisegrind with totally appropriate soul samples and breakcore tendencies. This shit is off the hook. Check out his Myspace to hear some of the newer even more sick material. Seriously, anyone into digi-grind or noisegrind or even brakcore needs this shit!!! For fans of The Locust, Ghengis Tron, and Drumcorps.
Self Diestruction


Migratory Birds


Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Abyssic Hate - Suicidal Emotions

So Abyssic Hate is my favorite black metal band. Regarded by many black metal fans as some of the best Depressive black metal out there. Suicidal emotions is quite possibly the most misanthropic album to hit human ears. Both in the sound and in the lyrics, not to mention the album cover. The atmosphere created by this album is despair,depression, and darkness. Here's what says about Abyssic Hate:
Abyssic Hate was formed as a one-man, black metal, project back in the year 1993 based out of Australia... and continues to be so to this day. The concept of Abyssic Hate revolves around the incessant belief that: '99.9% of humans should be terminated'. The human race is the most absolute abomination in the history of creation, and with an exceedingly small amount of redeemable features.
Ah misanthropy. Sounds GREAT!

Abyssic Hate - Suicidal Emotions [2000]

1.Depression Pt. 1
3.Depression Pt. 2


Abyssic Hate Homepage(lyrics)

Monday, July 14, 2008

IAO Music in Sacred Light

So... maybe you have heard of this guy called John Zorn... He's been around forever and he is what I'd consider a master of his art. IAO is the most prolific of his works in my opinion. This stuff is tranced out mindfuck stuff. Not like trance as in dance music, I'm talking like meditative ritual worship type of music. It's very good, there are some ambient parts, some female choir chanting, and there's even a really fast song verging on death metal. Avantgarde to say the least...
Here's what wikipedia say's about the album:
IAO (subtitled Music in Sacred Light) is an album by John Zorn inspired in part by the Beast and the number 666: the Kabbalistic identity of IAO, which are the initials of Isis, Apophis and Osiris, used as a magical formula in the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn.

Pretty intense album, I suggest all fans of Avantgarde MUSIC check it out.

IAO:Music In A Sacred Light - John Zorn [2002]

2.Sex Magick
3.Sacred Rites of the Left Hand Path
4.The Clavicle of Solomon
5.Lucifer Rising

Sunday, July 13, 2008


"Tacoma: Pitch Pipe Infoshop Under Surveillance

Friday, July 11 2008 @ 01:06 AM CDT
Contributed by: Annie Nimmety

Police State

The residents of the Pitch Pipe Infoshop recently became aware of the existence of a hidden surveillance camera attached to a utility pole across from their house. The camera is hidden inside a box which is meant to resemble a standard electrical box. There are no other boxes like this on any of the utility poles in the immediate area. As the below picture shows, there is clearly a "camera-resembling-object" resting behind the transparent surface at the base of the box.

For Immediate Release:

Thursday, July 10, 2008

The residents of the Pitch Pipe Infoshop recently became aware of the existence of a hidden surveillance camera attached to a utility pole across from their house. The camera is hidden inside a box which is meant to resemble a standard electrical box. There are no other boxes like this on any of the utility poles in the immediate area. As the below picture shows, there is clearly a "camera-resembling-object" resting behind the transparent surface at the base of the box.

The camera directly faces the Pitch Pipe Infoshop.

It has a clear view of the room at the top of the house.

This development does not surprise anyone at the Infoshop. In the past, the Tacoma Police Department has called its residents a homeland security threat. In the past, residents have spotted and chased away under-cover 'law enforcement' staking out the house. This development does make the residents angry, however. These photos are being released so that others may know what to look for and so that others can clearly see what the government (local or otherwise) is doing to all who vocally express their anger at the current state of things.

It is uncertain which law enforcement agency is behind this camera. This camera exists, though, as you can clearly see. Perhaps this camera has seen the residents of the Infoshop playing with the neighbors children or having picnics with the family next door. Perhaps it has seen the residents organizing a show in the neighborhood park in which families and children from across the neighborhood attended during a beautiful, sunny day. Perhaps, maybe, the camera has seen the residents acting like everyone in the neighborhood acts: like humans.

The residents of the Pitch Pipe Infoshop are not criminals and they are not terrorists, no matter what the government may try to say. They are normal people, leading normal lives. They are interacting with their community and have the support of that community. They are wonderful people who leave the door open to anyone who wishes to come in ('law enforcement' excluded).

A rose from the Pitch Pipe yard.

Spread this information as widely as possible. If you choose to ignore this information, you are turning a blind eye to the constantly encroaching totalitarianism of this government. What is being reported can be independently verified by driving to the corner of 7th and MLK Jr. Way in Tacoma and walking to the alley in between MLK Jr. Way and L Street. The camera is fastened to the utility pole at the entrance to the alley (the alley ends at 7th).

Keep fighting the good fight and do not let them scare you. They have nothing on anyone and are doing these things because of one thing: fear. Fear of the population they have abused for far too long.

Concerned Independent Journalists"

Look at this guys myspace. Lots of good info and inspiration.


Misanthropic is a band for fans of Dystopia and Nausea. Cool socio-political groovin sludge/crust with some thrash parts. I think some of the people that were in this group went on to form Sea of Deprivation. Except Misanthropic has a female vocalist in some parts. So yea, here's their Album "Open up and Take Your Bullet" and a couple other songs I found by them. This shit is real obscure, I can't find anything else by them.

Misanthropic - Open Up and Take Your Bullet + 2

1.Bound by Rage and Pessimism
2.Fuck Your Aryan Roots
3.Ignorance is Bliss
4.The Anthem
5.I Am Nothing


Friday, July 11, 2008


Ok so this band is pretty fucking emo. But god damn it; I love this shit. It's actually some of the best screamo I've ever heard, and I think a lot of screamo fans will agree. Anyways, Daitro is from France and they started in 2002. These guys kind of sway back and forth from chaotic discord to some post-rock type melodic stuff. The vocalist is great, lots of passion, you can really tell these guys enjoy what they are doing. Well here's their second full length called "Laissez Vivre Les Squelettes". They also have a split with Ampere and a split with Raien which contains my favorite Daitro song ever , "A Chaque Fois". If you look over in my "Music Blogs" section you should be able to get some more Daitro material from "Fly Guy Die Dance." Hope you enjoy it!

Daitro - Laissez Vivre Les Squelettes [2005]

1.Laissez Vivre Les Squelettes
2.Chaque Seconde
3.les orbites en éveil
4.nous sommes d'ici
5.come du papier
6.pourquoi les inconnus restent-ils inconnus ?
7.trois murs pour la salle de torture noyer, s'oublier, regarder partir


No Bleeding Kansas, We Will Not Cyber With You!

Alright! Putting up a couple things for you guys today! The first one I'm gonna throw out there is The Great Redneck Hope and Bleeding Kansas split. I'm not even sure when this came out, but I'm certain it was before the Great Redneck Hope put out Behold the Fuck Thunder. Anyways, those of you that don't know, The Great Redneck Hope is a chaotic metalized hardcore band, with this kind of messy technicality that just holds it all together. Their screamer is great as well. (not to mention that The Great Redneck Hope have some of the most clever and hilarious song names.) Bleeding Kansas on the other hand is a bit less chaotic and lot more metalized. I guess their newer stuff is comparable to "The Esoteric" and "These Arms Are Snakes." I'm not sure though, cuz I don't listen to those bands. None the less it's pretty good stuff. I really like this split.

The Great Redneck Hope/Bleeding Kansas [Split 7"]

1.GRH-C'mon Jesus, Let's Fucking Party!
2.GRH-Babes, Blowholes, and Blood Clotting Screams(and I think it's going to be a long long time)
3.GRH-No Bleeding Kansas, We Will Not Cyber With You!
4.GRH-Nevermind the Amputees, Let's Have Sex
5.BK-Rocks and Suffocation
6.BK-Retract The Attitude


Thursday, July 10, 2008

The Number 12 Looks Like This.

Well don't worry. I don't listen to The Number 12 Looks Like You... lulz. That band is sceney turd trash.

Anyways I constructed a mix by going into my i-tunes and creating a "smart playlist" and setting the parameters to any tracks that appears as the 12th track of their respective album with the most play counts. So here's 24 tracks of grind, metal, punk, ska, crust, rock, and hardcore mayhem that appears 12th on their album. Let me know what you think.

Some particular tracks that stuck out to me:

"Tales of Lolita" by Floor. This was the first song I ever heard by the stoner metal legends and is still one of my favorites. The first thing I said when a friend of mine showed me this little gem was, "This is the saddest fucking song I've ever heard." And it really is, but its so great, and I think on some level every male can relate to this song. haha.

"I Don't Care About You!" by Blatz. This is a great cover, by a great band. Blatz covering Fear's classic is just fuckin rad. It will fill your jeans with cream if you're a fan of punk, especially if you enjoy male female back and forth vocals in the style that only the Bay Area could provide.

"Strike Anywhere" by Another Terrorist Organization. I just have to metnion this track because it comes from a band that used to play in my town alot a couple years back, prolly in 2002. But they kind of disappeared one day and I never heard about them again. It's some pretty groovin crust grind with male/female vox. They were a just a really cool vegan, bike punk, anti-fascist, anti-sexist band.


1.R.O.T. - Sore Throat
2.Aligula - Some Girls
3.Getting Heated - Shit Storm
4.In Hell (Choking Victim) - Paroxysm
5.Dissadents In Love - Orchid
6.Bad Town - Operation Ivy
7.Eat The Meek - Nofx
8.All Apologies - Nirvana
9.Hellish Blasphemy - Nifelheim
10.Jazz Snob Eat Shit - Naked City
11.Infibulation - Man is the Bastard
12.Security - Guyana Punchline
13.Tales of Lolita - Floor
14.Jizzlobber - Faith No More
15.Check Your Tuning (Interlude) - Doomtree
16.They Stretch For Miles - Converge
17.Musguided - Cephalic Carnage
18.Fear - Caustic Christ
19. Violent Earth - Bloody Phoenix
20.I Don't Care About You - Blatz
21.Strike Anywhere - Another Terrorist Organization
22.Lithographs - Assuck
23.Lineage - Artimus Pyle
24.Bovine Caligula - Agoraphobic Nosebleed

Download Here


So I finally found this Mystifier album I've been looking to get my ears on for ages. The album is called "The World is So Good That Who Made it Doesn't Live Here". I first heard Mystifier on the Gummo soundtrack and I was in love. As a side note, Gummo is a great movie, and the soundtrack is swell. It was my first taste of true Black Metal, Dark Metal, and Power Violence. I suggest anyone into comps find that soundtrack, you won't be disappointed. Lots of great bands on it like Niphelhelm, Sleep, Spazz, Absu, Brujeria, and of course Mystifier; along with the random diddy's that could only come from such a mindfuck as Gummo.

Any ways... Mystifier was formed in 1989 in Brazil. Here's some info on them from their myspace:

For many christians that already heard part of the legacy of MYSTIFIER, the mention of that name makes to come to the mind: "Devil-Worshipping, Satanism, profanation, gibe, anger, noise, hate, radicalism, Black Metal, and so on". Things that His founder Beelzeebubth doesn't deny them: "Yes, 100%!! I Formed the Group to intone the most violent Musick style never created by man and to violate the whole ethical code and biblical western capitalists' principals!".

I would call this album Dark Metal, although they used to play straight up Black Metal. (With a definite South American vibe.) This album is great because unlike most black metal of today it isn't all Kvlter than th0ugh. They sparingly use awesome keyboard interludes, along with heavy dissonant guitar, on top of the vocalists great yelp screams and random Operatic chants. Very good stuff. The best tracks in my opinion are, "Give the Human Devil His Due" and "Idolatry". This version of the album also has a bonus track (which I didn't think kept up with the original six) and it also has all the tracks from their earlier Aleister Crowley demo put out in 1991. The Demo material, is well demo material, a lot more straight black metal and pretty horrible production. I didn't spend too much time on it.

Mystifier - The World is So Good That Who Made it Doesn't Live Here (1996)

1.Give the Human Devil His Due
2.A Chant to the Goddess of Love - Venus
3.The Death of an Immortal (According to Astral Light)
5.The Barbarian Dueling With the Wise
6.Moonick (Why Does it Never Rain on the Moon?)
7.Demolish the Towers of Heaven (bonus)
8.My Gloat (Intro)-Osculum Obscenum
9.Defloration (The Antichrist Lives)
10.An Elizabethan Devil-Worshipper's Prayer Book
11.Hyoscyamus Niger
12.Tormentum Aeternu
13.The Dark Kingdom (T.E.A.R.)
14.Mystifier (Satan's Messengers)


(I think the last track is the first track for some reason in the .rar file, other than that it's all straight, they're all numbered.)

You can get the lyrics for the first half of the album here. I thought they were pretty well written lyrics, lots of strange ideas are touched on.

Let me know what you think!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Aloha Cocksuckers.

I'm gonna start posting what I perceive as really rad music. Mostly stuff that evolved from hardcore, punk, and metal. Noisecore, grindcore, thrashcore, crust, screamo, mathcore, power violence, shit like that, maybe the random black or death metal band as well. Yea man. I'll probably ramble here and there about senseless things as well. Maybe I'll post some poetry also.

Well here's a "mix tape" I slapped together of some songs I'm pretty in to. The song's kind of go back and forth between aggressive as fuck to melodic and chilled. One word I could say to describe this mix; eclectic. Although it all could be considered hardcore aside from the Big Business track. Let me know if you dig it, an d what it is you specifically like.

1.Our Need To Bleed - Circle Takes the Square
2.Destro's Secret - The Dillinger Escape Plan
3.A Chaque Fois - Daitro
4.Goddamn Pyramid Building Aliens - Phoenix Bodies
5.Great, Looks Like Allston Decided to Show Up - Ask Mice
6.The Fuck Whisperer - Daughters!
7.77 - As the Sun Sets
8.Grounds for Divorce - Big Business
9.Josephines - Capsule
10.Iris - Burst
11.Flowers and Razorwire - Converge
12.Tigers - Orchid
13.Dead Babies - Deep Wound
14.Here Today - Nausea
15.F.C.P.R.E.M.I.X. - The Fall of Troy
16.Gourmet Pez - Man is the Bastard
17.Silence - Mass Movement of the Moth

Get it Here.

This is a .rar file so it will need to be decompressed.
Get Winrar here if you are using Windows.
Get Rar Expander here if you're using Mac.