Thursday, January 22, 2009

Capsule - Blue

Great fucking album by a great band. A three piece (with their sound it's hard to believe it's just three dudes...) group with two ex-members of Tyranny of Shaw. Uh, these guys are fucking wicked. Kind of screamo, off the wall, hardcore, artsy (god I hate that word, but I lack a better description) insanity. Its good stuff. I'll let this one speak for itself. Oh and fun fact, apparently their name is derived from Bulma's families company called Capsule Corp. from Dragon Ball. That just makes them 10x as cool.


1. Cobalt Connection
2. Theres Another Word For This
3. Sympton Of Spectacle
4. Determinal
5. Flowerpower
6. Sepsis
7. Title Track
8. Going Home


Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Hardcore legends. One of the earliest bands to successfully mix Metal and Hardcore. Formed in Cleavland, Ohio 1988 (89?). Sounds kind of like 80's thrash metal mixed with hardcore. For fans of GISM, Black Sabbath, Slayer, Septic Death, Samhain, Motörhead, and Joy Division. Lyrical themes include religion, the supernatural, mental illness, individualism, politics, and the occult. This is a discography they put out in 2001.

In Contrast of Tomorrow - Integrity

1 Den Of Iniquity
2 Micha-Those Who Fear Them
3 Live It Down "89"
4 Die Hard
5 In Contrast Of Sin "89"
6 Judgement Day
7 Bringing It Back "89"
8 Lundgren Crucifiction
9 Dead Wrong "89"
10 Decent Into...
11 Darkness
12 Harder They Fall "89"
13 Dawn Of A New Apocalypse
14 Kingdom Of Heaven
15 Tempest
16 Rebirth
17 Wings Tear
18 Candra Nama Vijayasya Stri Pums' Catalyst
19 Apollyons Whispers
20 In Contrast Of Sin
21 Harder They Fall
22 March Of The Damned
23 Darkness "90"
24 Eighteen
25 Live It Down (Remix)
26 In Contrast Of Sin (Remix)
27 Dead Wrong (Remix)
28 Harder They Fall (Remix)


Tyranny of Mother Fucking Shaw

So finally I am posting again. It's been a fucking minute. But what I'm posting today makes the wait oh so worth it.

TYRANNY OF SHAW! For those of you that haven't heard this stuff... well... you lose. Ha! But you will win once you hear this shit.

Tyranny of Shaw is, in my opinion, one of the BEST metalized hardcore bands EVER.(Their greatness is only exceeded by the masters of the genre, CONVERGE.) They take influence from a myriad of bands (Helmet, Assück, Discordance Axis, Squirrel Nut Zippers, Reversal Of Man, Infest, Napalm Death, Converge, Quicksand, Us3, old Metallica), of which creates the best hybrid sound I've ever heard. Tyranny of Shaw existed from 2001 - 2004 and should appeal to fans of screamo, deathmetal, grind, chatotic metalcore, and anyone interested in avant garde experimental hardcore shit!

Members went on to play in Bulldagger, Capsule (I'll have to upload some capsule, because they fucking slay!), Field, Maruta, Mehkago N.T., Monarcs, Shitstorm (one of my favorite grind bands!), and Torche.

Anyways I've collected 14 tracks:
(their whole discography aside from the tracks featured in the "Mutation" comp which I posted earlier)

8 tracks from the Landmine Youth Camp EP
2 from the Phoenix Bodies Split
4 from the Stars in Camouflage EP

I bundled them all together because I figure that it'll be easier for fans. Seeing as finding some of their material was pretty tedious. (Most of the work done to track down these songs was by my pal Dillon. Go to his Tyranny of Shaw myspace fan page and tell him thanks a million and that Hanus sent you. ha.)

1.Daylights Gone
2.Risking My Life For 5$ an Hour
3.Attack of the Dirtflies (4am and Hot as Hell)
4.Have You Ever Met a Cyclops?
5.Landmine Youth Camp
6.What the Cat Dragged In
7.Playing Morra With the Devils Star
8.Routing Her Convulsions
10.Wave Goodbye
11.Nano-Augmented Romance Novel/*/Transmissions Of Immediate Evacuation/Stars In Camouflage (Stars in Camouflage EP all in one track)