Friday, November 13, 2009

Iron Lung & Shank split

Ah, power violence. Yea.

Iron Lung is this fucked up 2-man noise rock/power violence mash up that does just fucking killer. They have their own sound and it's fucking incredible. They effectively take Power Violence to a much scarier level. So spastic, yet so fluid... From what I can gather their side of the split is a concept album, so to speak, about some shit going down in a prison.

The Shank side is pretty killer as well. They play power violence that is truly violent. This stuff is really brutal. Like if Phobia played PV. You get the picture, it's sick, brutal, and fast.

The songs are all in FLAC format if the download seems bigger than it should. I dunno why I converted them in FLAC, but yea... I can gaurantee you it sounds great! haha


Graf Orlock

You guys all know Gorlock by now. If you don't, you probably aren't up on modern hardcore. I don't really feel like going into an explanation. All I have to say is hardcore + grindcore + movie samples + screaming. I'm gonna hook you guys up with the new one, which is not nearly as brutal as their old stuff, but its like a nice snap shot of everything going on in the post/hardcore scene right now; and I'm gonna give you a split and an early ep. Fun!

Graf Orlock - Destination Time Today


Graf Orlock - Corpserate Greed Ep

(dunno if this is the right cover but whatever)


Graf Orlock & Greyskull split


Day of Less - Porcaria

So, this band has a pretty dumb name in my opinion. BUT, don't let that fool you. These guys are sick. Maybe some of you guys have heard of this band called GAZA, who fucking rip dicks off and shove em down peoples throats... Well, if you haven't heard GAZA, this is where it all began. Most of the members of GAZA used to be in Day of Less, and most of DoL's albums sucked ass... BUT, this one is great. This is described by the GAZA dudes as "a gnarly collection of grungy post-hardcore songs". And I couldn't have put it any better myself. This is what post-hardcore SHOULD sound like. You can hear direct similarities to GAZA on this album, but you can also hear stuff reminiscent of less underground stuff like Tool and Converge with hints of sludge and stoner rock poking up here and there. It's spastic like GAZA, but it also is counterpointed by a strong melodic streak. You'll understand.

I highly suggest this album for anyone who's bored with the state of hardcore.


Cry Now, Cry Late vol 3 & 4

'Cry Now, Cry Later' was a series of comps that came out in the mid 90's as the hardcore scene was developing into the direction that has taken now. This has power violence, grind, sludge, and even a little screamo on it. This compilation showcases bands like ANb, Crom, the Locust, MITB, Charles Bronson, Noothgrush, and tons more before they were scene-stars like they are now. You should really check this out, it's real nice.


Hewhocorrupts and friends

I'm gonna post a shit load of stuff today. Like too much.

Anyways, I'm sure a handful of you know of Hewhocorrupts already, but for those of you that don't... Well fuck you! Nah just kidding, HWC are a bunch of goofy bastards from Chicago who play technical hardcore, and what I mean by that is they ARE a hardcore band, but they go further than just playing 4 chords really fast and screaming. They have mathy moments, they have death metal moments, and they have moments that are just intimidating, in a fun way. Just get into this stuff. I'm posting 2 splits and an EP. It's their best EP and the 2 splits ain't shabby either.

Hewhocorrupts & Phoenix Bodies 10" split


Hewhocorrupts & Fork Knife Spoon 7" split


Hewhocorrupts - 10 Steps to Success 12"


Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Morgue - Eroded Thoughts

So, apparently Morgue is one of those gems that slips away from history... Well luckily, I am a gem finder. I find the gems, forgotten by society and it's many deviant subcultures. Anyways, MORGUE, they were a Death Metal (old school by today's standards) in the early 90's and they only released this cult classic along with 2 demos. They play in a vein similar to early Gorguts and with some doomy undertones. Either way, this stuff slays. It's pretty straight forward, but that's how I like it!


Drugs of Faith - S/t

Drugs of Faith is a bad ass grind n' roll band. They take all the best things about grind, sludgey weirdness, and punk rock and throw it in a blender and add lots of hardcore attitude and voila, Drugs of Faith. They share members with Agoraphobic Nosebleed (you'll notice with the vocals) and are from Virginia.

Also, I guess they have a new Mini-CD out, so go scope that.


Curtainrail - To Be With You

CURTAINRAIL are a power violence band from TOKYO JAPAN. I first heard these guys on some comp called Japan in Decline. It's a good one, get that. Anyways, yea Curtainrail play fastcore in the Japanese style. I mean this stuff isn't mind blowing or anything, but it's really good fastcore for you skulls! Who can't use more?


Benediction - Transcend the Rubicon [1993]

So, Benediction is fucking sick. They have been around for ages. They play old school death metal with hits of grind thrown in just for kicks. They have a style similar to Bolt Thrower (so I'm told), and they slay pretty hard. Barney Greenway did vocals on their first album (I think). Anyways, this is supposed to be their best album so get into it!


Friday, November 6, 2009

Floor - Demos, 7's, and splits

Floor is my favorite sludge/stoner rock band. They could be described as Godflesh minus the industrial sounds... They are the precursor to Torche, and I think they are better. These guys are definitely way underrated. This stuff all predates their self titled that I posted a couple months back. You can tell as these tracks are a bit more murky and a bit more brooding. Anyways, the tracks on this comp of collected tracks are from vinyl, and you can tell. The tracks crackle and pop like an old record, but it's still good shit. So yea, here it is in all it's sludgey glory.

OH wait, before I post the link... Robotic Empire is putting out a Floor box set with cd's, lp's, 7's, and a bunch of other junk for 250$ pre-ordered. I can't afford that, but maybe some of you guys can. Go check it out.


Thursday, November 5, 2009

Agoraphobic Nosebleed/The Endless Blockade split

Agoraphobic Nosebleed. We all know and love them. And if you don't know or love them... well, get on it! I think this stuff is the first recordings they did with their new vocalist Kat. (although it was released after Agorapocalypse...) Anyways, it's ANb, you know what they bring to the table. Thrashing death grind with frantic drum machine blasts and insanity! It's great. The noise track is the illest.

Endless Blockade... This is sick Power Violence in the vein of MITB and Iron Lung! It's modern P.V. DONE RIGHT. It's not just retro 90's wanna be shit... They hold their own!

Get into this stuff... This is from a 7" and when I downloaded it there were just two tracks. So I separated all the tracks. I might have messed up a little on the E.B. side because there are like no pauses between their songs, but it should be straight.


Vaccine - Demo tape

So uh, Vaccine... FUCK. This is RAGE AS FUCK straight edge fast core. Like seriously, wtf. This is just too fucking brutal. They rage through 5 songs in like 3 minutes. This hardcore in the vein of dropdead and crossed out, but noisier. (I seem to like the 'but noisier' brand of hardcore lately haha) Just fast and pissed. And they are from Mass. AND they have members of Orchid, Bucket Full of Teeth, and Think I Care. That should get you interested.



Loaded for Bear/Hombrinus Dudes split

Both of these bands are br00t as fuck dudes.
Loaded for Bear is really sick grinding hardcore from Chicago. Super pissed socio-politically charged grind for the metal punks. I really like this stuff. It's good a real good vibe. I'd compare it to the likes of Benumb with a hint of Tower of Rome...

Hombrinus Dudes is a 2-man grind unit from Grand Rapids, Michigan. REPPIN REPPIN. Anyways, they are really fucking sick. Like seriously. I can't get enough of this stuff. It's like if early Napalm Death was updated to the modern sound without turning into a death/grind band. (like the real N.D. did haha) Comparable to Phobia, but noisier.



Army of the Pharaohs - Bonus Papers

So, I don't know if you guys have heard but Army of the Pharaohs is the sickest rap group around right now. If you are into underground hip hop you are probably already into these guys. Check this stuff out, it's a bunch of tracks that didn't make the cut for 'Torture Papers'. These tracks are really fucking raw lyrically. They probably didn't make the cut because some of them were too political and what not. For example there's a song called 'The Presidents Wife'... It's sick stuff.