Friday, October 17, 2008

Orchid - Gatefold

This is my personal favorite by Orchid. Adjectives to describe this album: melancholy, discord, chaos, emotion, skepticism. I shouldn't even have to urge you to download this. Orchid is top friggin notch screamo. If you haven't heard them by now, then here's the place to start. Best song = Tigers

1) Amherst Pandemonium (part 1)
2) Amherst Pandemonium (part 2)
3) Chaos Ain't Me
4) Loft Party
5) I Wanna Fight
6) A Visit From Dr
7) We Love Prison
8) Fashion Meets Passion
9) Trail of the Unknown Body
10) Class Pictures
11) No, We Don't Have Any T-Shirts
12) Dissidents In Love
13) Flip the Tape
14) Anais Nin By Numbers
15) Tigers
16) Let's Commodify Sexuality
17) Discourse of Desire
18) None More Black
19) Impersonating Martin Rev


BTW 62 friggin downloads on Ed Gein's "It's a shame..." album. That's a record. I'll have to upload some more noisey hardcore stuff, everyone seems to like it. I guess some stuff coming up next will be Tyranny of Shaw, Graf Orlock, and As the Sun Sets. That should please the people who dug the Ed Gein. PS. Leave some friggin comments once and a while.


Anonymous said...

fucking awesome band, thanks man:)

J-Wall said...

hip, hip, horayyyyy for Orchid!

Anonymous said...

Favorite fucking band, I'm getting a chest piece based on "Death Of A Modernist" soon.