Thursday, January 22, 2009

Capsule - Blue

Great fucking album by a great band. A three piece (with their sound it's hard to believe it's just three dudes...) group with two ex-members of Tyranny of Shaw. Uh, these guys are fucking wicked. Kind of screamo, off the wall, hardcore, artsy (god I hate that word, but I lack a better description) insanity. Its good stuff. I'll let this one speak for itself. Oh and fun fact, apparently their name is derived from Bulma's families company called Capsule Corp. from Dragon Ball. That just makes them 10x as cool.


1. Cobalt Connection
2. Theres Another Word For This
3. Sympton Of Spectacle
4. Determinal
5. Flowerpower
6. Sepsis
7. Title Track
8. Going Home


1 comment:

Corey said...

dope album art. i'll check this one out.