Monday, May 25, 2009

Shit ton of shit mega post

Holy smokes... it's been almost 2 months since I last updated! Sorry about that my loyal minions. Here's a mega post for all you filthy heathens. All essential listens for your obscure skulls.

Benümb - By Means of Upheaval

22 songs of grind as fuck rage. Grind for the punks and metal heads. They have that west coast Cali power violence vibe going on a bit too.

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Destroy - Discography

I used to listen to this album all the time in like 2006, great crust grind shit from the late 80's - early 90's. These guys are legendary. The good Felix Havoc was in this band before Code 13 and before starting Havoc Records. This is a collection of all their releases aside from their demo if I'm not mistaken. I suggest all you crusties, grinders, and even death metal fans buy this album, it's worth the money; the booklet that comes with the CD has the lyrics to all 48 songs which are killer.

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Floor - s/t

So Floor is the precursor to the now semi-popular band Torche. A lot of people like Torche, but you know, Floor fucking destroys anything Torche does. Anyways, Floor could be described as a sludge or doom band with pop sensibilities. They are super heavy but the clean vocals make it so even a contemporary music fan could possibly enjoy it. Anyways this is one of my favorite albums of all time. Get it.


Severed Head of State - No Love Lost

Severed Head of State is killer. This release has three original songs and a cover of CoC's "Prayer". They play hardcore/crustcore. This album is dreary as fuck and really brutal. Good listen.

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Painkiller - Guts of a Virgin/Buried Dreams

Painkiller is another one of John Zorn's bands. It's like if Naked City was even crazier if you can even comprehend that... It's like all the most maniacal parts of Torture Garden. Some tracks are micro songs, some are like 8 minutes. Sometimes it drones out, sometimes it blasts. All you need to know is jibberish, bass, saxaphone, blasts, and feed back are highly apparent here. Also, Mick Harris of Napalm Death fame does drums and some vocals on this release. That should be enough to get you interested.

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Suppression - Release the Piranha

Suppression are a noisey 2-man usually power violence-ish band. On this release they play more in the vein of noise rock with hardcore shit. Really groovin, really noisy, and really fun. I got this album from Robotic Empire but I think you can get it from Relapse too, I suggest you purchase it.


Wadge - Road to Hana

Wadge is Canada's answer to Agoraphobic Nosebleed. They aren't a total rip off of them and I think they've actually both been around for the same amount of time. I originally heard Wadge on a comp called "Drum Machine Madness" and didn't think much of them honestly... But once I heard this album I was pretty impressed. It's good stuff and I can't even really call it cyber-grind, its more like hardcore/crustgrind with a drum machine. It's really enjoyable stuff. Definitely get this if you are a fan of grind, crust, sludge, or industrial.

The last of the mohicans

Well that's it for the mega post. Fuck off.


Craig said...

top notch post dude, as usual. Total Reaspect.

corey said...

only album i had heard there was the floor s/t. many thanks

Mike Hanus said...

Right on thanks dudes. I'm trying to only post shit that I haven't seen that much online.

anti said...

cool post mate, thanks