Saturday, July 18, 2009

Infected Womb and Beat Your Kids Split (Your Fucking Innards)

Infected Womb, as some of you may know is my solo-grind project. I program drums using a freeware program called "DrumTrack"... Anyways, you can expect lots of weird moody thrashy blasty grinding hardcore from my side of the split. It's my best released stuff to date! Beat Your Kids(BYK) are metalized noisecore that exist for the sole purpose of getting you pissed, so pissed you resort to beating the shit out of your kids. This is both bands best material to date, in my humble opinion... Get it and spread it, we both need the exposure!


Infected Womb Homepage
BYK Homepage
Both of us can be found on and Myspace as well.


Karl Bakla said...

what a disturbing album cover!

Mike Hanus said...

Yea apparently that's a photo of a dude who sliced himself open on meth because he was having hallucinations or some shit... He lived through it... We thought it was brutal.