Thursday, August 20, 2009

ALIEN CRUCIFXION - Relics of A Dark Star

Alien Crucifixion are sick UFO oriented blackened death grind from Roswell, New Mexico. They recorded this album in 2000, it was never released. They were abducted by aliens and didn't return to earth until 2006. They released Relics of A Dark Star for digital purchase through Itunes and Amazon. This is it. AND IT FUCKING RIPS DICKS OFF.



erkki said...

dude it's Dopethrone man upload more stuff i miss raping links off your blog FUCKING GET TO IT

Jorge said...

thanks! this is awesome, i've liked these guys ever since the drum machine madness 7" but could never find anything else of theirs. same goes for Nemo, who is EXTREMELY hard to find anything by other than compilation tracks. if you have anything of theirs to post i would be very grateful.

Mike Hanus said...

Hey man, I too have been looking for some Nemo... I haven't been able to find fucking anything by them. Sorry man.

Anonymous said...

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