Friday, November 13, 2009

Iron Lung & Shank split

Ah, power violence. Yea.

Iron Lung is this fucked up 2-man noise rock/power violence mash up that does just fucking killer. They have their own sound and it's fucking incredible. They effectively take Power Violence to a much scarier level. So spastic, yet so fluid... From what I can gather their side of the split is a concept album, so to speak, about some shit going down in a prison.

The Shank side is pretty killer as well. They play power violence that is truly violent. This stuff is really brutal. Like if Phobia played PV. You get the picture, it's sick, brutal, and fast.

The songs are all in FLAC format if the download seems bigger than it should. I dunno why I converted them in FLAC, but yea... I can gaurantee you it sounds great! haha


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