Friday, November 6, 2009

Floor - Demos, 7's, and splits

Floor is my favorite sludge/stoner rock band. They could be described as Godflesh minus the industrial sounds... They are the precursor to Torche, and I think they are better. These guys are definitely way underrated. This stuff all predates their self titled that I posted a couple months back. You can tell as these tracks are a bit more murky and a bit more brooding. Anyways, the tracks on this comp of collected tracks are from vinyl, and you can tell. The tracks crackle and pop like an old record, but it's still good shit. So yea, here it is in all it's sludgey glory.

OH wait, before I post the link... Robotic Empire is putting out a Floor box set with cd's, lp's, 7's, and a bunch of other junk for 250$ pre-ordered. I can't afford that, but maybe some of you guys can. Go check it out.


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Matteo McFaggot said...

$250? FUCK THAT SHIT...cough cough...i think that this blog needs more eh...carneficina...HEY WHO SAID THAT