Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Another Mix!

Here's a mix of some pretty rad stuff. It has everything from ambient noise to thrash to screamo to rock. Check it out and if you download this mix tell me what you like! And I can upload full albums from almost any given artist on the mix. Well enjoy. Also, I know people have been downloading stuff because I can track all that jazz on mediafire; it'd be cool if people left a comment once and a while.


1. The Union Forever - The White Stripes
2. Meryll Streep is a Fucking Liar - Usurp Synapse
3. Lost Keys (Blame Hoffman) - Tool
4. Sick - Unsane
5. Does Your Friend Have a Name, or Should I Just Call Him Lawyer? - Tower of Rome
6. Mercitron - Unruh
7. Vertex - Thanatopsis
8. D Train - Unsane
9. Inside the Sun - Sleep
10. Song of Victory - Tomahawk
11. Untitled (song 7) - Usurp Synapse
12. Bill Dance Lands the Big One - Tony Danza Tapdance Extravaganza
13. I Hate You - Slayer
14. Hand in Glove - The Smiths
15. Giga Please! - Usurp Synapse
16. Spring Heeled Jack Flies Tonight - Tim Hecker
17. Totally Pregnant Teens - Some Girls
18. Leaden Tide - A Storm of Light
19. Sir, Yes Sir - Tomahawk
20. Undertow - Tool
21. Skeletons of Society - Slayer


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