Monday, August 25, 2008


This is the best comp release ever. I discovered a couple of my favorite bands on this comp. It features the Abandoned Hearts Club, Ed Gein, Enkephalin, Garuda, The Minor Times, Sea of Thousand, and Tyranny of Shaw and was put out by Robotic Empire.(In my opinion one of the best underground labels) All the songs on this comp are just mind blowing math/death/grind/hardcore songs. All these bands are the cutting edge of grinding metal and hardcore. My favorites:Ed Gein, Enkephalin, and Tyranny of Shaw.


1.Thirteen - Garuda
2.I Fuck For Money - The Minor Times
3.Glass Ceilings: Next 10 Exits - The Minor Times
4.Experimenting With Maturity - The Abandoned Hearts Club
5.Real Deal Holyfield - Enkephalin
6.Death Obsessed 'Till Death - Sea of Thousand
7.Grendel - Tyranny of Shaw
8.Lost in Arcadia - Tyranny of Shaw
9.Beautiful Corpses - Ed Gein
10.The Ever So Familiar Face of the Devourer - Ed Gein



Anonymous said...

I ended up buying a copy of this due to noone having an up of it, which is legitimate because robo completely deserves the support, but you're a good man for posting this. shit is brilliant.

Anonymous said...

Awesome fucking comp!