Saturday, August 23, 2008

Another Terrorist Organization - For Terrorists in Training

Another Terrorist Organization(RIP), or ATO as I knew them as were a vegan, bike punk, environmentalist, anti-sexist, class-war, crustcore band with a lot of lyrical criticism on the "punk" scene in the area and body image and stuff like that. Equipped with some pretty metalized yet groovy drum parts, male/female vocals, fast hardcore riffs, and a clear stance on things this band was the hot shit too me when I was 15. And they are still pretty fucking awesome 4 1/2 years later.

A manifesto and explanation of their name from their myspace(this was also in the insert in this album):

""in february of 2003 a new bill was introduced to legislature, ‘the animal and ecological terrorism act’. the act was created by the american legislative exchange council (the a.l.e.c. has corporate sponsors such as phillip morris, enron and several major oil companies) and is intended for use in all u.s. states. the act criminalizes virtually all forms of environmental and animal-rights advocacy. this act was so well received in texas that it was adopted in new york a month later. mississippi, wisconsin and washington are now showing interest. anyone could be considered a terrorist if they were to participate in any legitimate peaceful protest, civil disobedience, demonstration or debate towards environmental or animal welfare. similarly, giving money or contributing in any form to these ‘terrorist cells’ would be punishable. the act also sets up a state run website that is similar to that of sex offenders, where eco-terrorists and animal-rights activists would have to supply their name, address and current photo for three years. and finally, no journalist would be allowed into any facility to photograph or record and information to be used to defame the facility in any way, so all those dirty little companies out there will now be safe behind their big walls and barbed wire fences. the majority of our band do not eat animals. the majority of our band, have taken, or are willing to take to the streets in support of that which cannot represent itself. animals have no say. they have become expendable bio-machines. the earth has no say. it is here for us to use and abuse for profit and comfort. is this what humanity has come down to, profit over everything else? it is illogical that is not our way. we are terrorists. and this is another terrorist organization."

"For Terrorists in Training" was a very DIY CD-R demo that they put out at some of their shows back in like 2003-4? They were like "Hey, If you have like 1 or 2 dollars or whatever that'll be cool". And it was pretty cool, too bad these guys broke up. They were like my first taste of DIY anarcho-punk stuff and had a pretty big influence to me.

ATO - For Terrorists in Training

1.The Nostalgia of Burning Leaves
2.xBike Punx Unitex
3.Kill off the Consumption Gene
4.Punching Bag
5.Stemming the Brain
6.Fifty Three Square Inches
7.John Wayne Died With Sixty Pounds of Undigested Red Meat Lodged in His Colon
8.Just Another Cop Song
9.Did Somebody Say Sisterhood?
10.We All Cross Paths
11.Strike Anywhere
12.Red, White, and Jesus
13.Do You Understand What We're Losing?
14.Don't Exploit Me
15.Just Another Ten Pounds But There's No Enamel Left on My Teeth
16.These Are the Facts - We Are So Fucked
17.Hitler Was a Half Wit
18.Lower Class Anthem



TheChiefCommie said...

I'm going to get arrested for this, aren't I?

That anti-"eco terrorism" legislation is seriously fucked up. Disproportionate punishment for an offense just because it is politically or ethically motivated. =(

Mike Hanus said...

Hahahha. I wouldn't be surprised if you did get arrested. I'm pretty convinced the CIA is watching me. lmfao

TheChiefCommie said...

This is good shit! Totally worth the FBI probes.

Anonymous said...

This is awesome. I used to go to a lot of this bands shows. I lost the cd years ago and haven't been able to listen to them since. This made my day.