Monday, June 7, 2010

Dial S/T

Hey everyone, whats up?

Dial is a radical band from New Zealand.Apparently Robotic Empire dudes thought their S/t demo was so insane they decided to put it out as a Cd Ep and let me tell you it's some sick shit. These guys and girl provide some sludgey, noisey, mathy, ragey?, pessimistic savagery that makes you wanna curl up and die (oh haha) then rise up again as a zombie and start some shit. Yea, I could compare these folks to a lot of bands but it wouldn't do them much justice. I guess you could say they take everything good about sludge and weird tech/noise metal/core and smash it together to create something much more soul crushingly evil and dissonant...


The tracks are in FLAC btw.

PS Thanks to the 19 followers for reading my dumb blog. lol. Also thanks for downloading Ed Gein - It's a Shame... 977 times, Orchid - Gatefold 736 times, Mystifier - The World is So Good... 319 times, AnB/Insect Warfare 313 times!!!

You guys rule.


erkki said...

sludge in FLAC dude, that's fucking marvelous.

btw it's nick cave/dopethrone/whatever

Mike Hanus said...

Haha I thought someone would appreciate. BTW from now on all the stuff that I personally upload, which will be most of my updates from now on, will be in FLAC... Unless it's like a vinyl rip of some hardcore shit... Cuz I mean, then whats the point?