Thursday, June 10, 2010

Trendy Bastard/Krupskaya split 7"

This is a trans-Atlantic split between Trendy Bastard and Krupskaya. Each band provides 6 songs and all under 12 minutes... The 7" was put out by a bunch of different labels. (sassbologna, give praise, scene cred, + more) Both bands are pretty chaotic, and that's how I like it. Get this while you still can.

Krupsakaya is a chaotic/grind band from the UK. They rage really fucking hard. Total blur of drums, pretty chaotic, but not pure noise. Definitely some modern sounding grind here, but not 'scene' shit at all. Sounds like a mix between As the Sun Sets, Yacopse, Call Me Betty, and Discordance Axis with some vocals that at times remind me of black metal or skramz. Lots of start stop blasting and high end shit countered by tasteful chugging.

Trendy Bastard were a hardcore band from Iowa. (2003-2008) They have hints of thrash, punk, and grind popping up every where. Sometimes they sound a little bit tech-metal, but with that expected hardcore-sloppiness that we all know and love. These guys blast blast blast and then get groovey with crazy little riffs, jumping from old school thrash riffs to noisecore, driven by pumelling drums all the while the vocalist screams his guts out... I guess these guys could be compared to Tyranny of Shaw, Graf Orlock, Phoenix Bodies and other midwest hardcore. Don't blink, you might miss something.

Trendy Bastard:
1.Urethras Castle
2.Dan Woodman
3.Crocodile Mustache
4.Twig Destroyer
5.Bark Funeral
6.666 Can eat my shit shit shit

1.And bless those who carry trepidation for the faceless enemy
2.Rain Fell in the Morning Air
3.Onwards the righteous into the mire
4.Failed by the angel of mons
5.Only rats came for the bodies
6.Trespass against me for I am war and rebirth


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