Saturday, June 26, 2010

Infected Womb - Zen Nihilism

Listen to the new infected womb ep everyone.
I've been working on it for like 3-4 months now and I think it's pretty gr1m. Seriously, I've spent more time perfecting this fucking 18 song chunk of grind noise than I do at work... My ears hurt, my fingers have produced blisters, and my eyes are sore from staring into a computer screen for hours baring my soul through binary blast beats...

Scope this out for some truly violent cyborgviolence.


Download Zen Nihilism Here

Thanks if you download, fuck off if you don't.

Spread this shit freely and rapidly. Like aids.

Here's the track list in the right order in case your player doesn't put it in order. Not like it really matters but eh...

1.Blast it All
2.In Grind We Barf (Snarf snarf)
3.Tooth Necklace
4.Adrogenous Mutation
5.Despise the Hopeful
6.Midnight Thoughts
7.Easter Morning Panic
8.Yer Fucked
9.False Pride
10.Funkadelic Heathen Ritual
11.Polluted History
12.Fuck Midi-grind! This is Cyborg-Violence
13.666$ Short of Salvation
14.Landmine Gravity Bong
15.F.Y.I.P. (by Destroy!)
16.Razor Wire and Freedom
17.No More Dreaming
18.Death of...

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Bl├╝drayne said...

actually, thank you. i'm very anal about correct tracklists. right down to spelling and even diacritics. so... thanks.