Saturday, March 7, 2009

Doomtree - Falsehopes


Doomtree is a really sweet Hip Hop collective type thing. They take a bunch of artists from the Minneapolis area and they get together and make some sick alternative hip hop/rap. The thing that sets them apart is they got like a Punk attitude so it makes me even more hella down with them. YEA. I really like the songs by Dessa, she's seriously like the best female emcee on the planet (Not to mention, she's a pretty attractive lady haha). If anyone likes this stuff I can upload the Dessa's False Hopes EP along with Cecil Otter's False Hopes EP. Both are members of Doomtree collective and for some reason there is like 5 albums called False Hopes.. Actually, I just looked on the Doomtree website and there are 14, count em, 14 False Hopes albums lmfao.

From Last Fm:
"Members of Doomtree bring various bases of knowledge and musical backgrounds together to create honest and original music. Their main influence is punk and their lyrics are frequently introspective and self-degrading. They often do shows with fellow Minnesota hip-hop label Rhymesayers Entertainment. Emcees perform solo or with one another, each contributing a different approach to their music."

Doomtree - False Hopes

1. Flex
2. Knives On Fire
3. Traveling Dunk Tank
4. A Candle in Chicago (interlude)
5. Lucky
6. Veteran
7. Slow Burn
8. I Should Cut Your Liver Out (interlude)
9. Savion Glover
10. Hot Monotony
11. A Hundred Fathers
12. Check Your Tuning (interlude)
13. If & When
14. No Homeowners (Renter’s Rebate)



TheChiefCommie said...

P.O.S. is pretty great, so I'll be happy to hear more from Doomtree.

Mike Hanus said...

Hmm, I keep hearing about this P.O.S. Got any stuff by him? If so, consider this a request hahha

TheChiefCommie said...

here ya go. That Doomtree album is ace!

I've also been liking Dälek a lot. You should check 'em out!

Corey said...


Anonymous said...

If you liked False Hopes you should check out their self titled album. Dessa kills it on that one too.