Saturday, March 7, 2009

Tower of Rome / Gun Kata Split

First and foremost I must say these two bands are what makes (made? I think ToR broke up...) the Midwest fucking disturbingly awesome. This split is like the most intense 12 minutes of screeching noise as fuck grind punk... Dig it. OH yea, Hewhocorrupts Inc. is the best shit ever.

Gun kata(From their myspizz):
"In late 2003, four gentlemen met in the basement of John Mendola (of Hewhocorrupts) to form Gun Kata. Their music is, first and foremost, the product of Dean Costello. Dean’s contorted guitar riffs provide the blueprint for the delirium. Dean isn’t afraid to tell you he enjoys The Smiths and The Deftones, but you would never know it listening to him play, err…shred. Enter, the aforementioned, Mr. John Mendola who insists that drum triggers are lame and he would never use them, but likes the way they sound anyway. His pummeling rhythms are a thunderous counterpart to Dean’s menacingly disorienting guitar. Bassist, Eugene Marino (of Friel) has got the edge on most. His playing is a perfect compliment to the fracas; putting forth a low-end that Jimmy Bain would be proud of. Finally, Toney Vast-Binder (of 7000 Dying Rats) can scream, sputter and moan with the best of them. He can’t, however, make any promises that he won’t spill his margarita on your Ozzfest t-shirt. Gun Kata has recently recorded five songs for a new release available sometime, somewhere."

Tower of Rome (I'm not gonna use their myspace description because uh there isn't one soooo I'll just be genuine):
Tower of Rome are cool. They describe their sound as california 90's meets the midwest '06 taking influence from hardcore, grind, and power violence. They are maniacs. That's all I have to say.

1 Tower Of Rome Abbreviating Words Can Be Time Efficient For Example I'm Going To Die Tomorrow By "Leath Injectch"
2 Tower Of Rome Backwards Middle Fingers To Madison Dance Parties
3 Tower Of Rome Rewriting The Platline Of A B-Grade Slasher Film
4 Tower Of Rome I Want A Phone Company That Will Murder My Boss
5 Tower Of Rome Vulgar Display Of Tower
6 Tower Of Rome We Have Been Hired To Knock Your Teeth Crooked That Is Unless They Already Are Crooked Which In That Case We Will Knock Them Straight
7 Gun Kata Frank Talks About A Dead Man
8 Gun Kata Pricks
9 Gun Kata Johnny Mendola's A Big Deal These Days
10 Gun Kata The Jealous Cryptozoologist
11 Gun Kata Siafu
12 Gun Kata We Weren't Joking, He Really Is A Big Deal
13 Gun Kata Custom Van Fantasy Painting

(Gun Kata comes first in the files, but whatever)



Anonymous said...

I heard that Tower of Rome is making a new album, I'm not sure how reliable that info is but I hope its true haha.

Mike Hanus said...

Fuck dude, I hope they make a new album! I thought they broke up though...