Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Magrudergrind/Godstomper split

Magrudergrind is D.C. fastcore. And they fucking pulverize. They utilize elements of grind/thrash/powerviolence and everything under the fast spectrum. These guys are just unstopable. I'd say this stuff is better than their "Don't Support Humanitarian Aid Led By the Church" Lp. Seems their split material always is. Anyways, sick brutal fast grind for the punx. GET IT

Godstomper hmmm. I'm not sure what to think of these guys... They are grimy, distorted, ugly, fastcore with some groovy parts. Pretty damn good. Pretty fucking brutal. Bass heavy as fuck, pretty power violence. Very Gruff vocals. Only problem; waaay to short. They only provide 2 songs while Magrudergrind have 4.

This album was put out by To Live A Lie records. Check them out, they have lots of really cool stuff!

1- Godstomper - Family Crisis
2- Godstomper - Negative Impact
3- Magrudergrind - End Of Season Sale At The Cerebral Department
4- Magrudergrind - I'd Like A Refund Or Expect Arson Against Your Place
5- Magrudergrind - Mr. Arnold Palmer? Nice Meal For Jeffrey Dahmer
6- Magrudergrind - My Inner Self Is Telling Me That Something In This Room Is At Its Unintelligent High Point.
7- Magrudergrind - Spicy Delight



TheChiefCommie said...

hahahaha, it's about 5 minutes long! Super intense though.

Mike Hanus said...

It is super intense. I think I might actually be missing a Godstomper song. That's what you get when you pirate though I guess. But who cares, they aren't that awesome anyways haha