Monday, July 14, 2008

IAO Music in Sacred Light

So... maybe you have heard of this guy called John Zorn... He's been around forever and he is what I'd consider a master of his art. IAO is the most prolific of his works in my opinion. This stuff is tranced out mindfuck stuff. Not like trance as in dance music, I'm talking like meditative ritual worship type of music. It's very good, there are some ambient parts, some female choir chanting, and there's even a really fast song verging on death metal. Avantgarde to say the least...
Here's what wikipedia say's about the album:
IAO (subtitled Music in Sacred Light) is an album by John Zorn inspired in part by the Beast and the number 666: the Kabbalistic identity of IAO, which are the initials of Isis, Apophis and Osiris, used as a magical formula in the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn.

Pretty intense album, I suggest all fans of Avantgarde MUSIC check it out.

IAO:Music In A Sacred Light - John Zorn [2002]

2.Sex Magick
3.Sacred Rites of the Left Hand Path
4.The Clavicle of Solomon
5.Lucifer Rising


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