Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Abyssic Hate - Suicidal Emotions

So Abyssic Hate is my favorite black metal band. Regarded by many black metal fans as some of the best Depressive black metal out there. Suicidal emotions is quite possibly the most misanthropic album to hit human ears. Both in the sound and in the lyrics, not to mention the album cover. The atmosphere created by this album is despair,depression, and darkness. Here's what says about Abyssic Hate:
Abyssic Hate was formed as a one-man, black metal, project back in the year 1993 based out of Australia... and continues to be so to this day. The concept of Abyssic Hate revolves around the incessant belief that: '99.9% of humans should be terminated'. The human race is the most absolute abomination in the history of creation, and with an exceedingly small amount of redeemable features.
Ah misanthropy. Sounds GREAT!

Abyssic Hate - Suicidal Emotions [2000]

1.Depression Pt. 1
3.Depression Pt. 2


Abyssic Hate Homepage(lyrics)


Corey said...

Black Metal from Australia. Wow.

Mike Hanus said...

It's not your typical black metal though, it's really atmospheric and dark and doesn't have any of that lame synth stuff. Lot's of repetition.

Corey said...

Really? Downloading now.