Thursday, July 10, 2008

The Number 12 Looks Like This.

Well don't worry. I don't listen to The Number 12 Looks Like You... lulz. That band is sceney turd trash.

Anyways I constructed a mix by going into my i-tunes and creating a "smart playlist" and setting the parameters to any tracks that appears as the 12th track of their respective album with the most play counts. So here's 24 tracks of grind, metal, punk, ska, crust, rock, and hardcore mayhem that appears 12th on their album. Let me know what you think.

Some particular tracks that stuck out to me:

"Tales of Lolita" by Floor. This was the first song I ever heard by the stoner metal legends and is still one of my favorites. The first thing I said when a friend of mine showed me this little gem was, "This is the saddest fucking song I've ever heard." And it really is, but its so great, and I think on some level every male can relate to this song. haha.

"I Don't Care About You!" by Blatz. This is a great cover, by a great band. Blatz covering Fear's classic is just fuckin rad. It will fill your jeans with cream if you're a fan of punk, especially if you enjoy male female back and forth vocals in the style that only the Bay Area could provide.

"Strike Anywhere" by Another Terrorist Organization. I just have to metnion this track because it comes from a band that used to play in my town alot a couple years back, prolly in 2002. But they kind of disappeared one day and I never heard about them again. It's some pretty groovin crust grind with male/female vox. They were a just a really cool vegan, bike punk, anti-fascist, anti-sexist band.


1.R.O.T. - Sore Throat
2.Aligula - Some Girls
3.Getting Heated - Shit Storm
4.In Hell (Choking Victim) - Paroxysm
5.Dissadents In Love - Orchid
6.Bad Town - Operation Ivy
7.Eat The Meek - Nofx
8.All Apologies - Nirvana
9.Hellish Blasphemy - Nifelheim
10.Jazz Snob Eat Shit - Naked City
11.Infibulation - Man is the Bastard
12.Security - Guyana Punchline
13.Tales of Lolita - Floor
14.Jizzlobber - Faith No More
15.Check Your Tuning (Interlude) - Doomtree
16.They Stretch For Miles - Converge
17.Musguided - Cephalic Carnage
18.Fear - Caustic Christ
19. Violent Earth - Bloody Phoenix
20.I Don't Care About You - Blatz
21.Strike Anywhere - Another Terrorist Organization
22.Lithographs - Assuck
23.Lineage - Artimus Pyle
24.Bovine Caligula - Agoraphobic Nosebleed

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