Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Aloha Cocksuckers.

I'm gonna start posting what I perceive as really rad music. Mostly stuff that evolved from hardcore, punk, and metal. Noisecore, grindcore, thrashcore, crust, screamo, mathcore, power violence, shit like that, maybe the random black or death metal band as well. Yea man. I'll probably ramble here and there about senseless things as well. Maybe I'll post some poetry also.

Well here's a "mix tape" I slapped together of some songs I'm pretty in to. The song's kind of go back and forth between aggressive as fuck to melodic and chilled. One word I could say to describe this mix; eclectic. Although it all could be considered hardcore aside from the Big Business track. Let me know if you dig it, an d what it is you specifically like.

1.Our Need To Bleed - Circle Takes the Square
2.Destro's Secret - The Dillinger Escape Plan
3.A Chaque Fois - Daitro
4.Goddamn Pyramid Building Aliens - Phoenix Bodies
5.Great, Looks Like Allston Decided to Show Up - Ask Mice
6.The Fuck Whisperer - Daughters!
7.77 - As the Sun Sets
8.Grounds for Divorce - Big Business
9.Josephines - Capsule
10.Iris - Burst
11.Flowers and Razorwire - Converge
12.Tigers - Orchid
13.Dead Babies - Deep Wound
14.Here Today - Nausea
15.F.C.P.R.E.M.I.X. - The Fall of Troy
16.Gourmet Pez - Man is the Bastard
17.Silence - Mass Movement of the Moth

Get it Here.

This is a .rar file so it will need to be decompressed.
Get Winrar here if you are using Windows.
Get Rar Expander here if you're using Mac.

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