Friday, July 11, 2008

No Bleeding Kansas, We Will Not Cyber With You!

Alright! Putting up a couple things for you guys today! The first one I'm gonna throw out there is The Great Redneck Hope and Bleeding Kansas split. I'm not even sure when this came out, but I'm certain it was before the Great Redneck Hope put out Behold the Fuck Thunder. Anyways, those of you that don't know, The Great Redneck Hope is a chaotic metalized hardcore band, with this kind of messy technicality that just holds it all together. Their screamer is great as well. (not to mention that The Great Redneck Hope have some of the most clever and hilarious song names.) Bleeding Kansas on the other hand is a bit less chaotic and lot more metalized. I guess their newer stuff is comparable to "The Esoteric" and "These Arms Are Snakes." I'm not sure though, cuz I don't listen to those bands. None the less it's pretty good stuff. I really like this split.

The Great Redneck Hope/Bleeding Kansas [Split 7"]

1.GRH-C'mon Jesus, Let's Fucking Party!
2.GRH-Babes, Blowholes, and Blood Clotting Screams(and I think it's going to be a long long time)
3.GRH-No Bleeding Kansas, We Will Not Cyber With You!
4.GRH-Nevermind the Amputees, Let's Have Sex
5.BK-Rocks and Suffocation
6.BK-Retract The Attitude


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